Caskets, Coffins and Urns

Today we are spoilt for choice; it can be overwhelming. Let our Auckland funeral directors help you select a funeral product that fits both your emotional and financial needs.

In New Zealand, we normally use ‘casket’ to refer to either a casket or a coffin. Caskets are available in a variety of materials, finishes and styles — from the very traditional to the more modern and eco-friendly options. A full range of what is available can be shown to you on request. We can help you select the ideal casket based on preferred design and price.

Should you like a custom-built casket, it can be arranged. For an eco-friendly burial, shrouds and biodegradable caskets are available. Or, you may decide to hand-build a casket for your loved one, adding a very personal touch to saying goodbye.

We also offer cremation caskets. If your loved one is being cremated, we will usually have their ashes placed in an urn and available to you, within 24 hours. Urns are found in a range of styles, sizes and prices, and can be made from almost any material. Your personal plans for the final placement of the urn can determine the selection you make. Auckland Funeral Services are happy to assist in either sourcing an urn for you or using a vessel supplied by yourself.